These courses are designed to familiarize and deepen your knowledge, understanding, and skill in preaching the Word of God for His glory and the edification of the church.

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Preaching and Preachers

C101: Preaching and Preachers

In this course students will have the opportunity to hear one of the greatest preachers of the twentieth century share his vision of preaching. 

16 sessions with audio lectures by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

C101 Preaching and Preachers Syllabus.pdfC101 Preaching and Preachers Syllabus.pdf


C103: Pastoral Theology

This course provides an introduction to the work of pastoral ministry by looking at its biblical foundations, theological concerns and practical responsibilities. In this course students will survey the qualifications for pastoral ministry, examine the nature of the pastoral ministry (including the call and role of a pastor), and interact with classic literature in the field of pastoral theology.

16 sessions with audio and video lectures by Dr. Tom Ascol

C103 Pastoral Theology Syllabus.pdfC103 Pastoral Theology Syllabus.pdf

Open Bible

C104: Biblical Preaching 

This course is a basic introduction to Bible exposition with an emphasis on the teaching and preaching of Scripture based on the intended meaning of the text.

16 sessions with video lectures by Dr. Tom Ascol

C104 Biblical Preaching Syllabus.pdfC104 Biblical Preaching Syllabus.pdf